DIY Halloween Fun

Halloween’s one of my favorite days of the year because it seems like everyone, everywhere just wants to have some fun! From the apparel to the activities, find some great DIY ideas I shared with KWGN-TV and KDVR-TV viewers over the past few days:

VIDEO >>> Don’t have a costume? Don’t panic! I shared affordable DIY ideas on “Colorado’s Best” {CLICK PHOTO BELOW TO WATCH}

Orrrrr go as Joan Rivers (pronounced Riv-ah’s) like I did today! Even before I knew I wanted to have the career I do, Joan Rivers was one of my favorite TV Hosts. Plus, I’ve always been proud to share a June 8th b-day with her! I know she’d be very proud that I represented, today. Although, not so much that I did it DIY-style and used all my own hair, makeup, skin, clothes and jewelry. 😉 And for other great Halloween costume ideas I’ve DIY’d over the years, click here.

Meg as Joan Rivers

Joan wasn’t the only celeb on set today! That my co-hosts Kathie J (as Melissa McCarthy as Tamy) and Chris Parente (as Maclamore). PS you’re seeing just ONE of their costumes from this morn — You’ve got to check out Colorado’s “Everyday” Show’s facebook page for the rest!!

Everyday Set

VIDEO >>> I was there to share some of my favorite Halloween themed games with Kathie J. These are fun whether you’re hosting an adult party or having a house full of kids over. {CLICK BELOW TO WATCH}

VIDEO >>> Earlier that morning, I shared even more fun games on “Colorado’s Best” on KWGN-TV/Channel 2!  {CLICK BELOW TO WATCH}

Happy Halloween!! Hope everyone has a spooky and safe time! And if you’re looking for a scare — if you dare — head to an awesome haunted houses. Just look at how much fun I had going through the 13th Floor in Denver, recently :-O!!!! {CLICK BELOW TO WATCH}


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