‘Buzzing’ in Insect-Inspired Jewelry from Purple Cow


VIDEO: Get Fall Fashion Tips for Men & Women — Click here or on the photo above to watch!

Bugs & beetles aren’t so creepy when they look this this!  Necklaces from The Purple Cow in Wakefield, RI.*

This is one trend to try this Fall and for others – check out the fall fashion tips I gave my Co-hosts this week about how women and men can wear the latest trends.

I was inspired to do this because everyone loves fall fashion, but it can be hard to connect what you saw on the runway with what you would actually leave the house in!

Whenever a new season is upon us, it’s not necessarily all about buying new pieces. Chances are, you probably already have something in your closet that features a pattern that’s really “in” right now, so it’s most important to understand how to incorporate that trend into a great fall outfit!

When it comes to wearing the latest trends, I make that less of a priority to the guys I help style.  These men just want help getting a classic, timeless style right, so it’s crucial that they keep fit and quality top of mind.

I always say that while trends are fun and classics are key, always keep your personal style in mind!

What I’m Wearing:

Hunter Green Top w/ Pleather Sleeves: Zara

Orange Pencil Skirt: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Seychell’s (Thrift Store Find!)

Necklace: The Purple Cow

On bottom-left:

Emerald Green Top: Ann Taylor

Necklace: The Purple Cow


{I get my hair done at Studio B, a salon and beauty boutique in Cranston, RI}



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