Meaghan first stepped out in front of the camera at age 10 when she modeled, acted in national commercials and worked as a reporter for a kids TV news series on WJAR, the NBC-affiliate in her home state of Rhode Island. Little did she know at the time, that her career would make a 180, two decades later…

Upon graduation from college, Meaghan moved to the “Fashion Capital” (aka NYC) with a fresh diploma in Textile Marketing in hand. From 2007 to 2012, she moved up through the ranks at Condé Nast Publications – not without wearing many hats! She helped grow and earn non-traditional revenue for the publisher’s world-renowned brands, including Allure, Brides, Vogue, and The New Yorker during a critical time in the publishing industry.

An opportunity hosting videos for Brides Magazine helped Meaghan realize she had a natural ability to be on-camera, but she wasn’t convinced it was possible to “switch” careers and break into a very competitive one. But, with that being said, she was also doing some personal shopping and visual styling for people on the side. So, seeing the latter as a way to continue to make a living AND help her hone an expertise that producers look for in on-camera guests, Meaghan went to work as a men/women’s stylist for admired brands like Bonobos and J. McLaughlin. She did this while taking classes with an on-camera media coach, as well as at improv theaters. Less than six months later, she landed a fulltime position as a Co-host of a morning TV talk show in Rhode Island called The Rhode Show. It broadcasts live on WPRI, the CBS-affiliate station and covers news, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle for Southern New England.

In this role, Meaghan conducted interviews in-studio, out in the field and in live satellite interviews, but she also booked guests, produced/shot/wrote/edit segments and stories for TV and social media. Additionally, she appeared as a Style Contributor on the show, leveraging her expertise in fashion/beauty/DIY, as well as her professional training in floral design. After her one year stint in RI, she landed a freelance opportunity at two TV stations in (Market 17) Denver, CO. Meaghan was the fill-in host and a regular Lifestyle Contributor for The Everyday Show, a live talk show on FOX 31, as well as The CW’s live morning program, Colorado’s Best.

Meaghan credits landing her next gig in (Market 7) Washington DC to her experience working with such talented professionals in Denver. The CBS affiliate in our nations capital was launching a live, lifestyle morning show and Meaghan was tapped as one of the 3 co-hosts. She spent most of her time out in the field, cover live and taped stories in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia. She kicked butt for two years at this role and then decided it was time to move back home to RI.

Today, Meaghan is the Lifestyle Anchor and Traffic Reporter for — you guessed it! — WJAR, the NBC affiliate in RI. The responsibilities to take on a more digital/social media role, as well as create content that’s more lifestyle focussed, is brand new for the station. It’s also exactly what Meaghan was looking to do in her home state that she loves (and always talked about on live TV in Denver and DC… whoops!).

When Meaghan’s not working, she loves staying active by working out, taking hot yoga classes and spending time with her adopted-pup, Tilly.  She stays up to date on what’s trending in entertainment, style and lifestyle news, as well as all things Rhode Island. Additionally, her love for travel, food and family keeps her busy with planning her next excursion and dining experience with the people she loves. She also loves working with nonprofit organizations, like Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County, Good Will Industries and a variety of fundraising events.


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