Costumes on the Cheap

Halloween is one of my favorite days. I mean really, how could it not be top of list when it seems like everyone, everywhere just wants to have some fun! But first, and a huge part of having that fun, is planning a killer costume -- without breaking the bank (After all, you're spending $$$ on …


My Halloween Costume Fashion Through the Years!

I'm someone who views Halloween as an excuse to dress ridiculously and get a good laugh out of your friends!  Here's a look back at some of my Halloween costumes  -- and a lot of examples of my "DIY" skills!  I even recreated Dora's monkey, Socks (and backpack w/ the map, which is hard to …

Dressed Preppy for the Location of *This* Shoot!

Shooting at the @OceanHouseRI #FiveStarResort in #WatchHill | #tvhost #lifestyle (at Ocean House)