Costumes on the Cheap

Halloween is one of my favorite days. I mean really, how could it not be top of list when it seems like everyone, everywhere just wants to have some fun!

Plus, it’s a chance to get creative at any age. That’s another huge reason why I’ve loved making my halloween costumes through the years


Last year, I was live at a local bakery in MD where the owner used candy in her goods. VIDEO below

But first, and a huge part of having that fun, is planning a killer costume — without breaking the bank (After all, you’re spending $$$ on Halloween candy, which is so annoyingly expennnnnnnsive, am I right?! And c’mon, who doesn’t have to restock before trick-o’-treaters even come… Those jumbo variety bags are amazing. I digress…).

Now, I’m nooo fancy DIY’er, but I do take pride in pulling together quick, clever costumes by basically repurposing random things from around the house and supplementing the rest with cheap finds. In need of some costume-inspiration? Here’s a few tried and true DIY ideas by yours truly.


2 Halloweens ago, I previewed the annual Bark or Treat Canine Cruise that happens in Alexandria, VA. Now, before you judge me for wearing a cruel and evil costume ;-P —  I sure as heck bit into one of those dog-cupcakes during a live hit! Can. You. Blame. Me???? They look sooo good!!


The Costume:

  • First step: I always look online for inspiration.
  • The hair: Somehow I twisted & bobby-pinned together TWO wigs I had
  • Dress, Ring & Makeup: I owned & did
  • Coat: Goodwill find!
  • Earrings: I made with beads from a broken necklace & turquoise nail polish!
  • Fake cigarette photoshopped for an extra cool (eww I’m gagging thinking about smoke) look in photos thanks to my bud Francis Abby.


Last year, I featured a local Maryland bakery. I asked the sweet (nope, not even a pun intended there) owner to incorporate candy into her goods so that I could dress up like an Oompa Loompa and it make sense to viewers. Look, I’m just being honest ;-P.

The Costume:

  • First step: I always look online for inspiration.
  • Sweater & Pants: Despite frequent donating trips to Goodwill, our home always seems to have old clothes hanging around.
  • White Stripes & Suspenders: This is allll ribbon. Just a quick hand-sew will do the trick! I used buttons as buttons, go figure!
  • Wig: I got a cheap blonde wig and green spray paint. (Those fancy, colored wigs are $$$, soo..) Genius! Used velcro curlers on the sides. Man bun courtesy of a hair elastic


If you’re ever in Maryland, this place is a MUST try! Watch VIDEO for more info — 






Meg as Joan Rivers

Everyday Set

FOR other Halloween costume ideas, click here.

For more Halloween fun… if you dare… see below — 

VIDEO >>> I was there to share some of my favorite Halloween themed games with Kathie J. These are fun whether you’re hosting an adult party or having a house full of kids over. {CLICK BELOW TO WATCH}

VIDEO >>> Earlier that morning, I shared even more fun games on “Colorado’s Best” on KWGN-TV/Channel 2!  {CLICK BELOW TO WATCH}

Happy Halloween!! Hope everyone has a spooky and safe time! And if you’re looking for a scare — if you dare — head to an awesome haunted houses. Just look at how much fun I had going through the 13th Floor in Denver, recently :-O!!!! {CLICK BELOW TO WATCH}



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