DIY Grip Socks for Barre,Yoga,Pilates

DIY Grip Socks for Barre,Yoga,Pilates
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I’ll admit, grip-sole socks do make your barre workouts better, but my former barre-virgin self had quite the sticky socks-sticker shock at first glance!!


I was like, Pshhhh Yea right I’ll spend that much on.. socks! Even during that first barre class, my socks were probably the last thing on my mind…  Trust me, I wasn’t cursing my grip-less socks when my legs were begging me for a fire hose. My focus was on getting through those challenging moves! —


 At least that was the case until I took more classes and became less of a novice — Well, let’s not go crazy. I’m still that girl in class, making that ‘what are we supposed to be doing?’ face! — Nevertheless, everything they say about these miracle socks (unfort incl their price tags) is true when it comes to improving your workout and feeling more confident doing it. At least that’s my stance, now.


So, while I own some now — and for the record, I didn’t pay full price! — part of me does feel like I gave in…. Hi, I’m Meaghan and I’m a sticky socks owner…. And as my gf Ryan pointed out, it’s kinda taboo to wear one studio’s branded socks at another studio’s class (fyi she knows this scenario first hand — she was just saying, “just sayin'”), but with so many new barre, yoga, pilates studios (oh my!) popping up recently, that’s bound to happen. Particularly, when you’ve got a NYC Class Pass like her or travel a bunch like me and therefore, regularly try different studios.*

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So, here’s a DIY idea! That not only allowed me to save money (to book another class), but also helped me get my creative-on (vs my wine/chocolate-on), while watching an episode of this season’s #RHONJ — which by the way has been pretttttty awesome; Am I right?!? I digress… OK, here are the steps:

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Step 1: Buy ankle socks (solid color or printed).

I went to Macy’s ’cause it was closer than a TJ Maxx.

photo 5

Step 2: Once you know your “palette” color, get to a craft store and buy puffy paint.

photo 3

Step 3: Use cardboard to stretch out the socks like it would hug your foot.

photo 1(1)

 Step 4: Start designing! Dots, zigzags, whatever!

I designed what I doodle while on the phone.

photo 2(1)

Step 5: Let dry 24 hours to be safe.

In the meantime book a class to wear these in!

Don’t feel like DIY’ing socks? Want those fashion-forward ones the girl next to you had? I get it. Ryan gets it. And fortunately, now there’s tons of options.


I really wanted a “mary-Jane” style sock (No! Not bc I live in Denver, now..). After much research and bargain hunting, I found these! I think they’re so stylish, love the color and while the packaging says they’re from lucy, the socks themselves don’t! Plus, they were HALF-OFF!! Yeah baby! Definitely gave me some pep in my (sticky) step at the first class I wore ’em to!!

Check out more of my DIY Style Tips in June’s LHJ Magazine, here!!

*In case you were curious, so far my all-around faves have been Physique 57 & Pop Physique for reasons that incl their workouts alone, instructors/music and studio itself. ***UPDATE MAY 2017*** Took a XTEND BARRE class in Alexandria, VA.

Let me just tell you that the 5am class was FULL, so to me, that’s a good sign! I went back later in the day to tape a TV segment. I fell in love with it all over again — the music, hands on instruction and additional elements to build muscle endurance!


What. I’m. Wearing. | Thanks to XTEND for my Shine-Sparkle-Shirt-&-Socks-Swag! 😉 But those leggings, though!!! –> Mana Threads


2 Replies to “DIY Grip Socks for Barre,Yoga,Pilates”

  1. I made some this past weekend but I don’t think I put enough puffy paint on it. Maybe need to touch it up with a little more to help me from slipping…thoughts?

    1. You’re awesome Melanie! Thanks for coming back and letting me know. YES to the more puffy paint!! Like clobber that ish!! And hey Sorry for the delay!! TV hosting has had me pretty busy. We do more ideas like this if you can watch on WUSA9 in DC or online live stream.

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