Skincare That’s Mother Earth Approved

To celebrate Earth Day this year, I’m sharing ways I’ve recently revived my skincare routine with all natural ingredients and safe home remedies.

So, why go natural when we have SO many cool & pretty skincare products to choose from today? Well, when we look closer at them, many contain harsh chemicals not in our skin or health’s best interest. The trick is knowing what ingredients to look for to truly nourish and protect our faces. That’s a tip to keep in mind whether you’re purchasing over-the-counter products or DIY’ing a home remedy to put on your face. I do a combo of both natural products and DIY to cleanse, moisturize and de-puff!




FACIAL CLEANSER: Your cleanser shouldn’t leave your face feeling dry and tight, so avoid ones with soap. It’s also important to exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells and absorb products better (Just don’t recommend doing it daily).


Over the counter — This cleanser was formulated by an esthetition with mothers-to-be in mind. So, while all ingredients have been screened to be safe during pregnancy, it’s also for those with sensitive, even acne-prone skin. The key ingredient is lactic-acid which is derived from sour/fermented milk and helps improve skin’s texture and hydration level. Lemon peel oil helps brighten dull skin.


Belli Anti-blemish Facial Cleanser, $22.


Gives ‘milky complexion’ a whole new meaning!


Get a bright and clearer complexion!


DIY 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliant— Mix brown sugar into your milky lactic-acid cleanser to make it a 2-in-1 cleanser and exfoliant. Massage all over face for 1-2 min. This is a natural and safe way to exfoliate your face — something I do a few times a week at night. It gets rid of dead skill cells to even out skin tone, keeps my pores cleaned (as possible!) and stimulates collagen.


Morning after I exfoliate, I find my products absorb into my skin better!


Raw brown sugar is best because it’s soft and won’t sting like salt might.


FACE MASK: Masks are a fun way to pamper your skin with highly concentrated active ingredients. Apply a moisturizing face mask 1-2 times a week to get instantly hydrate skin and tighten pores.


Over the counter — Not only does Origins list all the harful chemicals they do not use in this mask, we also know it’s made up of 2 of the earth’s most nourishing clock-stoppers: Algae, that helps boost natural collagen and has high levels of anti-oxidants and Apricot kernel oil, which helps protect and nourish skin, even if your’s is irritated.


Origins Drink Up 10-Minute Face Mask, $24.


Rid your body of toxins with algae! Who knew!


The benefits of this delish fruit go beyond taste!


DIY face mask — Mix equal parts aloe and warmed honey (start with 1 tsp ea). Apply to clean/dry face for 20 min. Thoroughly wash off.


Use real aloe vera. Only the real stuff is naturally rich in proteins, collagen, vitamins and minerals to hydrate skin and help maintain a brighter, healthier looking complexion. Pure, raw honey is a natural anti-oxidant that has been used in skincare for so many years! It protects the skin from harmful rays, rejuvenates depleted skin with its ability to retain moisture and it also helps treat acne.

You can even add raw brown sugar to exfoliate skin upon applying the mixture.


Lily of the Desert, $5.  Use this on its own, daily! It has helped soothe and heel my skin.


Aquidneck Honey, $12. If you prefer honey that’s more local to you, just make sure it’s pure, raw and pesticide free!


EYE REMEDIES: The skin under our eyes is extremely delicate and from allergies to alcohol, there are so many causes for our often dark circles and puffiness.


Over the counter — 100% Pure makes an all natural eye cream that works as an anti-inflammatory and smooths the most sensitive skin on our faces. The caffeine rich green coffee helps reduce swelling and brighten that under the eye area. The rose hip oil has astringent qualities. Because it’s rich in fatty acids, anti-oxidents and vitamins, it helps regenerate new skin cells.


100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream, $12.


Another great reason to add caffeine to your routine!


Rose hip oil has ingredients essential to skin health.


DIY to D-PUFF! — Brew green tea bags for 5 min. Ring out, place in freezer bag and store in freezer 30 min (or longer). Before placing under eyes, wait a couple min to thaw.


This is SUCH an inexpensive and easy way to help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes! The tannins in tea bags shrink blood vessels which in turn reduces swelling and discoloration. Plus, the tea’s caffeine helps de-puff and it’s anti-oxidant rich which is great for the skin.


Trust me… it works!


Yogi Herbal Green Tea Bags, $4. Run, don’t walk, to stock up on green tea!


{I get my hair done at Studio B, a salon and beauty boutique in Cranston, RI}




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