Something to Cheer about #NFL

IMG_2173First and foremost, here’s the background behind this post: I’m a recent transplant to Denver from New England. I work in media. I’m a sports fan. Furthermore, this is me simply sharing (with anyone interested in reading!) the reasons I’m excited to cheer on multiple teams this NFL season…

I’m Rhode Island born and bred, so I grew up rooting for New England teams. Football has always been a favorite in our home. So, Sundays during football season, guess what’s on? You guessed it! Patriots. My parents are truly big fans. Me? We’ll get there in a sec.

IMG_8430My folks, well they stay current on the coaches, players stats, etc. And when it’s game time, I know exactly where they are and what they’re doing. They’re home watching (and screaming!). Their energy is infectious!

IMG_9219Not to mention, they always have a great spread of munchies and booze nearby (woohoo!). So, if you were me, wouldn’t you get on board with this too?


In Rhode Island, I spend Sundays rooting for the Pats because I truly enjoy watching football and the experience is magnified when there’s a local tie-in….the snacks and crunks are a no brainer! …. but the best part is having a similar interest in something that allows me to spend quality time with my friends and family!


Oh right — in addition to all of that —  I enjoy checking out the man candy (saaarry!). And I don’t care what jersey they’re wearing! Honestly! I mean, I’d actually prefer they don’t wear any, but I digress…..And while its been tough having Tom Brady as man candy to look at weekly (I can’t even type that with a straight face!!), if he switched teams, I’d still root for the Pats; Duh!


That being said, when I lived in New York (for 7 years), I still stayed loyal to the Pats. But I also adopted a new team — the Jets. Look, if I couldn’t be with my family on Sundays, I still wanted to be among friends, as well as part of game-day rituals and the mainstream buzz happening locally. It was challenging, of course. Especially when the Pats played the Jets. So, during those games? I rooted for a great game! I learned this about myself — that I believe it’s OK for me to consider more than one team, “my team.” That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Now, when the Pats v Jets games were Brady v former Jets’ QB, Mark Sanchez, well that was reason enough to distract me from any challenge, football related or not for that matter!!  “Bartender, I’m gonna need a glass of water with this beer!” — said me during every Brady v Sanchez game.

 newspaperAnother move later, my loyalty to New England is still strong. At the same time, I’m a Denverite, now. So, yes of course I’ve adopted the Broncos as my new, local team! So, while I never said I’ve become less of a Patriots fan, I did say that I believe it’s OK for me to consider more than one team, “my team.”

pats broncos.001

I’m excited to join fellow Coloradians this season and cheer on the Denver Broncos!! After all, Colorado is my home state, right now. And when they play the Patriots, well, I’ve already been down that road before.


Moreover, the reason I’m in Denver is to further my career, follow my dreams… And so, I not only picked up and moved to a new city (again), but I did so without close friends/family. Let me tell you, it’s a whole other ballgame… Sundays, especially. (I miss my mom!!).


So, can you blame me for looking forward to some friends, fun, food and football???  Plus, QB Peyton Manning is not only one of the best players in the NFL, he’s also an exceptional role model and team leader I’m super proud to support!


Now, while it would have been nice to catch a helmet-less Eric Decker on the regular…. I guess I can still get a glimpse of him on another one of “my teams.” (wah wah…)


Thanks for your interest in my football fandom story, guys, girls and football fans everywhere! And if you want even MORE football-related content from me, check out my little cousin, Jace Pena’s “sophomore” football reel >>>

He put this together himself!! (When it comes to the reel deal — get it — he’ll need professional help, so if you have any suggestions….). Oh and not only is he the starting QB, he’s also Pres of his class (at a highly ranked private school, no less!) and an all around awesome kid!!


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