Ice Cream, from Rhode Island to the Rodeo!

ice cream 3

If you haven’t celebrated National Ice Cream Month, yet — first off that’s just cray — second, there’s no better day than today to order a cone [or 2 or 3…Hey, technically we’re supposed to eat 3 meals a day, right?], because today’s National Ice Cream Day!! [Yummmmmm!]

As you may recall from a previous post, I just moved to Denver last month. Even so, I’m not proud of how few ice cream and fro-yo places I’ve hit up in my short time here. Here’s what I have done:

ice cream 4

Little Man’s Ice Cream (salted Oreo is SO bangin!!! But honestly, so was their oatmeal choc chip, cupcake, caramel something or another…OK, maybe I’ve been HERE at least 3 times!!!). This place is the cutest! And its location in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver is a perfect spot to go with the family after dinner, mid-shopping with friends or alone when you get a craving for sweets and sitting outside on a beautiful day.

The Daily Scoop serves up homemade custard [that in my mind tastes just like ice cream] in 2 everyday flavors, choc and van, as well as a 3rd daily flavor. The day I went, they had van choc chip as their ‘daily scoop’ and although I wished I’d come on a day when the 3rd option was a little more… umm… exciting… Not only was it delish, I didn’t need a topping (I’m big on textures [creamy AND crunchy…]! Buuuut maybe I still topped it with hot caramel sauce too… [Saahrry, said me in a Kristin Wiig’s Gilly voice].

Places that are on my radar to get to ASAP! Sweet Action [yup, same guys as the beer have an ice cream parlor!], Liks Ice Cream and now a Boulder-based place called Sweet Cow that’s now scooping up cones at the Cherry Creek Farmer’s Market.


Today, I’m heading about 2 hours north of Denver and just over the CO border to Cheyenne, WY! It’s their annual Frontier Days, which is an outdoor rodeo and western celebration in Cheyenne. As an east coaster, I’m SO excited to experience this… and how appropriate that I’m going to the COWboy state ;). Can’t wait to get my hands on some ice cream while I’m up there on National Ice Cream Day! Heck ya’ll, maybe I’ll be orderin’ a scoop from an ol’ ice cream wagon… I dunno! But, you betcha, I’ll report back, ya here!!

ice cream 5

Last year, during the entire month of July, I went on an ice cream road-trip!!  I filmed myself at, oh I don’t know, over 10 shops all over Rhode Island and produced a story for The Rhode Show each week during that month. I called it “Meg Moo’s Ice Cream Rhode Trip” 😉 Check them out here:

Ice Cream Shops in the Providence area:

Ice Cream Shops in and around the Newport area:

Ice Cream Shops near some of Rhode Island’s Best Beaches:

Ice Cream Shops in the Middle of the State of Rhode Island:


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