Thirty Times Three.


What’s in a title, anyway? Like take the title of this post, “Thirty Times Three” — what does thirty times three, mean? (hmm, 3 X 3 is 9, then just add the z—) Nope, not 90. Well… technically… I guess yeah, it is — but just not here. I wanted this title to imply that I’ll talk about three different references to the number thirty (“so talk about it already!” said you reading this), and I will, right now — Sometimes a title is, well, just that — a title. And what you make of it is what counts most! At least, that’s something I’ve truly embraced over the past thirty days (There it is! My first mention of thirty!). Thirty days ago, I moved to Denver (from my home state of RI) and began working as the freelance, fill-in TV Host at the local stations, KDVR (FOX31) and KWGN (Channel 2). Sure, by some comparisons, a full-time TV Host position sounds ideal (ie health benefits, consistent schedule aaaaand that formal title!) But, this opportunity has been NO less significant —

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This a big market jump for me (Denver ranks as one of the nation’s top 20 media markets!!) and I’ve already learned lots working with seasoned professionals and talents at the stations. Plus, the variety of roles and unique projects that have come my way in just a month’s time, have totally surpassed what and how much I anticipated doing! So, take it from me — if you have an opportunity to do work that you love, are hungry to learn and grow and are willing to take thoughtful risks (ie job/money security and moving away from family/friends), I strongly urge you to take it! Particularly, if you can relate to this —



I just celebrated the big 3-0 on June 8th!  But — the word ‘celebrate’ wasn’t always my word of choice when I’d think about this big day. Why not? Well, for starters, pretty much all of my friends and friends of friends (around my age) are one or more of the following: in a serious relationship, married, pregnant, have a kid, have a dog, own a home, own a car…. you get the idea. I (still) can’t check-off… ANY of those milestones. So, sometimes I’d find myself focusing on all the titles, I’m not… like, I’m not a “fiance,” “homeowner” or a “mom to a dog.” The list goes on and it was easy keep it going. Probably because they say it’s normal to compare yourself to others — but that made turning thirty worse. So, anytime those negative feelings crept up, I’d talk with my good friends about how I was feeling, read inspiring stories about others in a similar boat and focused on the “freedom” I had to get up and move across the country, in a quest to follow my dreams… And it only got easier from there —


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After moving to a vibrant city, working in a positive environment and meeting new, like-minded people, it became easy to accept where *I* am in life… I want and need to be completely focused on me right now. What’s the point of simply having the “fiance,” “homeowner” or “mom to a dog” title just to have it? Better to focus on the present and the rest will come (hear that, Universe? ;)) And finally, my third point about thirty —

Something I’ve had to work at, both mentally and physically, has been dedicating at least thirty minutes a day to doing some sort of physical activity. I’m not an exercise guru, nor do I want that title. Sure, those awesome classes that make working out fun are great, but I just don’t have the means to shell out that kind of money. And working in an industry where it’s pretty common to move around a lot, I definitely don’t want to deal with the hassles of breaking a gym membership (again…).  So, I’ve found creative ways to stretch my dollar — AND ways to keep my wallet closed all together! (I’ll dish on that at a later date!!). But whatever it is I’m doing to get my ‘workout on’ — after thirty minutes in — I feel a sense of calm come over me.  Because I know it’s helping me stay in shape, be healthy — and since, hey, looks matter in my industry, it’s only helping me land any title with “TV” in it!!


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