Pre-“Sunrise” Routine


When I was 9 or 10, my parents knew I had a year or so before that awkward stage set in. JKJKJKJK about putting words in their mouths, but NOT about how true that turned out! Soooo, it was a good thing I got some kid modeling gigs in just in time! I ended up doing a few national cereal commercials, some print advertising and I was on the cover of a game box. That’s also when I realized I had a cowlick.


I remember feeling like it was kinda random, but alsooooo pretty cool! Now, 20+ years later, similar feelings are back when I drive by my cheesin’ grin on a highway billboard in Providence. It feels totally random, but also pretty cool!


Now, about that 4:30am start time it says up there… YUP! That’s when we’re LIVE. And YUP! I wake up looking like this —


So, naturally (LOL) the question I get asked most is, “What time do you wake up?”

2:45am. But get this — I’ve found that it’s EASIER to do that, than committing to a BEDTIME. Pushing yourself to get into bed and fall asleep WHEN IT’S STILL LIGHT OUT and life is happening all around you is a real #thestruggleisreal moment, y’all. So, before I started the gig, I bought all these things below and now I SWEAR BY THEM!!

This White Noise Machine


This Silk, 2-Straps Eye Mask


These Black Noise Ear Plugs (at NRR 33!!)


Fast forward to 4:30am and now I’ve also squeezed into a “paint-on” dress, brought my face back to life with enough makeup for 3 people and did some squats while I curled/straightened my locks. Additionally, I’ve built the visuals I’ll show in the first half hour and memorized my first hit. #butfirstcoffee


Local TV news, especially in the morning — and esp. in a unique market like Rhode Island — is still the most popular source of info for Americans than any other. I know I speak for my entire team when I say, THANK YOU for watching and following!!


2 Replies to “Pre-“Sunrise” Routine”

  1. That’s a great article Meg! You look fantastic and you are my new idol!

    I wish I could watch you, but I don’t think I can catch a RI broadcast in Arizona…lol.

    Take care and best of luck!


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Janet! You are a peach!!! You’re amazing for taking the time to read this and write me a note. I kept forgeting to send you a note back. Thank you to the moon (or OK, Arizona if far LOL) and back!!! XOXO

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