Spread the Love with Stuff They Need

Valentine's Day is this weekend! If you don't know what to get that special someone, whether it's your romantic partner, best friend or kiddo, I've got some ideas that I'm sharing this morning with "Colorado's Best" and "Everyday" Show viewers! WATCH THE 2 LIVE SEGMENTS BELOW!! Watch my segment on KDVR FOX 31 Denver's Colorado's... Continue Reading →


My Red Carpet Review

The 2015 Golden Globe Awards ended just a couple of hours ago, but I've been geeking out on the red carpet fashion all night long! This morning, I joined the hosts of Channel 2's "Colorado's Best" to dish on my top picks! Click here or the photo below to watch the segment.   Check out... Continue Reading →

DIY Crafts for Kids on NYE

Having fun on New Year's Eve isn't just for the adults. Ring in 2015 with the kids with some fun DIY craft ideas like the ones I shared today on "Colorado's Best!" Tips are below, but first you can WATCH the live segment here or click the photo, below >>> {TIPS & IDEAS} Make wearable... Continue Reading →

Give the Gift of Going Green this Holiday

Since I'm going to spend Christmas in Boulder this year, I've been learning about how Eco-friendly the St Julien Hotel and Spa is! Namely, because for the past four years, St Julien has hosted an annual sustainable gift wrapping contest for employees. The winners receive cash prizes, but all of the gifts wrapped in recycled... Continue Reading →

Smart Style…In Your Kitchen!

Kitchen counters can always use pops of color. Am I right?! And who doesn't love a smart, sleek and space-saving tool that doesn't break the bank!?! OK, now that I've officially got your attention, check this out! >>> I shared my top 9 items, all under $30, today on Colorado's Best (Because, let's be honest,... Continue Reading →

First and foremost, here's the background behind this post: I'm a recent transplant to Denver from New England. I work in media. I'm a sports fan. Furthermore, this is me simply sharing (with anyone interested in reading!) the reasons I'm excited to cheer on multiple teams this NFL season... I'm Rhode Island born and bred,... Continue Reading →

Ice Cream, from Rhode Island to the Rodeo!

If you haven't celebrated National Ice Cream Month, yet -- first off that's just cray -- second, there's no better day than today to order a cone [or 2 or 3...Hey, technically we're supposed to eat 3 meals a day, right?], because today's National Ice Cream Day!! [Yummmmmm!] As you may recall from a previous... Continue Reading →

  What's in a title, anyway? Like take the title of this post, "Thirty Times Three" --- what does thirty times three, mean? (hmm, 3 X 3 is 9, then just add the z---) Nope, not 90. Well... technically... I guess yeah, it is -- but just not here. I wanted this title to imply... Continue Reading →

My Travels Thru The Midlands

There are four official regions in the US and until a couple days ago, I'd spent time in just three of them. I never realized that before. I've been fortunate to travel around the US, whether for vacation, a wedding or work and visit various cities in a bunch of states -- but apparently never... Continue Reading →

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